National networks

Cooperation of the Belgian Road Safety Institute in various expert groups at national level.

Federal Road Safety Commission

The BRSI is responsible for the organisation of the Federal Road Safety Commission that plays a consultative role regarding the road safety interministerial committee within the framework of the measures to be taken and the policy to be followed as far as work safety is concerned. (Royal Decree of 26th June 2002).

Flemish Road Safety Forum / Flemisch Road Safety House

Flanders has a large range of actors regarding road safety. Since 2000, they are united within the Flemish Road Safety Forum: public authorities, police services, interest groups, professional unions, educational sector, research world and social partners.

Since 2015 the forum is part of the Flemish Road Safety House in which it fulfils a double mission: a unique meeting platform between the public authorities, the research world and the trades unions and a touch stone for the commission of experts of the Flemish road safety house and the Flemish government.

The Belgian Road Association

The Belgian Road Association (ABR) is a non-profit apolitical association bringing together different – public and private – actors responsible for the construction, the management and the exploitation of road infrastructures in Belgium.

It wants to be an exchange and promotion platform for the road sector by favouring reflexion on a future vision based on sustainable development.

Flemish Innovation Centre for the motor coach (VICA)

The VICA project wants to bring together the motor coach companies in order to study the numerous opportunities offered by the e-society and present perspectives aiming at revitalising the “motor coach” product. This project wants to strengthen the experience aspect during a journey by motor coach by means of contemporary communication technology and services in the equipment of vehicles. By boosting this evolution and by creating an innovative journey offer, they must distinguish themselves from collective means of transports and rival tour operators. They offer concrete solutions with the view to strengthening and supporting innovation, marketing and management of managers in transports by motor coach.

Provincial Road Safety Commissions

The Provincial Road safety Commissions examine the small-scale measures aiming at improving road safety on the Flemish regional roads that has nothing to do with the mobility decree. These measures must be fairly quickly implemented on the field. The Provincial Road Safety Commissions must have treated each file within a 2-month-deadline from the reception of the request to the department.

Centre for road research

The centre for road research (Opzoekingscentrum voor de Wegenbouw) wants to be an independent knowledge centre at the cutting edge of the road technology. The BRSI is part of 2 working groups, namely the illustrated road authority’s code and the 1B-technical committee.

Regional Mobility Commission

The Regional Mobility Commission was created in 2000. It aims at studying, evaluating and formulating advice and recommendations concerning mobility in general, namely as far as the public space design and the public transport are concerned. It does its job either at the government’s request or on its own initiative.

Cycle Commission of the city of Brussels

Similar to the regional cycle commission but for the city of Brussels, the different municipality’s cycle design projects are discussed and audited.

Motorcycle Commission of the city of Brussels

Commission gathering the groups of road users in order to discuss the specific needs and the involvement of two-wheelers in the various road renovation projects on the municipal territory.

Provincial Road Safety Commission

The provincial road safety commissions are organised by the Flemish Region and the Walloon Region. They bring together, several times a year, all the actors (police, mayors, experts, administrations...) in order to solve problematic situations on the regional road network.

Regional Bicycle Commission of the Region of Brussels-capital

Similar to the regional cycle commission, the different renovation projects are discussed and audited according to the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and people with reduced mobility.