The CAST project is fundamentally oriented to support the need for effective road safety campaigns and the need for practical tools for fieldworkers.(*) This will be achieved by applying the research results through validation and demonstration activities in several WP’s. The activities of the CAST project are divided into Research and Development activities, and Demonstration activities:

Research and Development activities

  • State-of-the-art of the psychology of drivers and acceptability of measures aimed at enhancing road safety, i.e. studying and summarizing the underlying theoretical road user models;
  • Listing a typology for road safety campaigns in the EU and beyond;
  • Powerful and innovative guidelines for fieldworkers and policy makers to evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a single road safety campaign;
  • Powerful and innovative guidelines for fieldworkers and policy makers to design and to implement road safety campaigns that are effective and cost-effective. This manual will consist of clear guidelines for best practises regarding each step involved when designing and implementing campaigns (from conception over implementation to evaluation).

Demonstration activities

  • Designing and implementing a complete pan-European campaign to support the implementation of a new measure to improve road safety.

(*) It is a stated aim that CAST will encourage the proper design and evaluation of road safety mass media campaigns in all EU countries.