What does the BRSI do for you?

You can contact the BRSI to schedule a medical and/or psychological examination. We are an institution recognised by the Federal Public Service Mobility.

What is the psychological examination exactly?

The rehabilitation psychological examination usually takes 2 hours and is divided into three parts:

  • An interview with a psychologist
  • Filling in questionnaires
  • Taking computer-tests

During the interview, the psychologist will ask you some questions on:

  • Your offence(s) and the circumstances in which it (they) occurred.
  • Your qualifications and professional position
  • Your family situation and social and personal life
  • Your consumption of alcohol, drugs or medicine
  • Your mental state

Through this interview, the psychologist appraises your behaviour in traffic and the way you have adjusted or will adjust your behaviour on the road.

The questionnaires give an overview of your consumption of alcohol, drugs and medicine and your personal characteristics which co-determine your ability to drive safely in traffic.

A computer enables us to assess the skills you need when driving in traffic:

  • Your reaction speed
  • Your alertness and your vigilance
  • The speed and accuracy of your perception of traffic elements

To do so, we use a computer programme, specially designed to test these characteristics. You don’t need to be a computer expert to be able to take these tests.

What is the medical examination exactly?

The medical examination usually takes 20 minutes.

Through an interview and medical examination, the doctor checks if your physical and mental state of health meets the minimum medical standards as described in appendix 6 of the RD of 23rd March 1998.

The final decision:

After completion of the tests, the doctor and the psychologist discuss the results together. A decision is made under the doctor’s responsibility.

The doctor can make the following decisions:

  • You are fit to drive
  • You are unfit to drive, which means that you don’t meet the minimum medical standards as described in appendix 6 of the 23rd March 1998 RD.
  • You are fit to drive but with some limitations or under certain conditions.