The alcoholometry lab

This lab conducts research on alcolocks, breathalysers and analysis devices.

Analysis devices validated and verified

Alcolocks and breath analysis devices are used in criminal proceedings.  Therefore, the measures of these devices may lead to serious sanctions. That is why it is essential that the citizen should be certain these devices are validated and verified in compliance with the technical legislation.

A reputed, ISO certified lab

The BRSI's universal alcoholometry lab is ISO 17025 certified, accreditation number (110- Test), by the BELAC, the Belgian accreditation organisation. The SPF Economy recognised the value of this lab for the first time in 1991 when the first Royal Decree on breath analysis was issued. The laboratory is equipped with two universal simulators, which are not linked to any specific manufacturer. The test facilities are largely similar to the German standard reference (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt – PTB).

Approvals of the devices

The BRSI is accredited,  accreditation number (110- Test), to carry out preliminary tests aiming at the approval of the breath analysis devices models, the breathalysers and the alcolocks, in compliance with the Belgian legislation. During the approval process, we keep you informed of the results, so that potential problems may be rapidly resolved. You can access the BRSI server, which enables you to follow the evolution of the tests on a daily basis.

Tests on breath analysis devices: a thorough, tailor-made service.

The BRSI is an independent institute which is accredited, accreditation number (110- Test), for the control and the technical verification of the breath analysis devices and the alcolocks in compliance with the Belgian legislation. After testing the devices, we draw up the necessary legal documents, with the BRSI logo. A test report with all the results of the measures and observations is attached to it, free of charge.

The laboratory is also accredited to carry out tests of single-use chemical breathalysers, in compliance with the French norm NF X 20-702.

We are also in charge of the logistics of these devices. At the end of their validity period, the devices are taken away on site, and sent back after maintenance and verification, according to your specific requirements.

Tests on marketed breathalysers.

Manufacturers, official instances, companies and consumer organisations can have their breathalysers tested on request. Thus we can check to what extent the devices meet the manufacturer's specification. The testing procedure is set in close cooperation. We finally draw up a detailed report based on the results, taking into account all the results from the measures and all observations.

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