Speed and safe distance

Does your staff know the legal speed limit? For instance, how fast are you allowed to drive in a residential area or on a four-lane carriageway divided by a solid white line? What distance do you normally need to bring your vehicle to a full and safe stop according to its speed? What influence has a wet surface on the braking distance? What is the golden rule regarding the safe distance you need to maintain with the vehicle travelling in front? What are the consequences of a 90 km/h crash? And how much time do we actually save by driving too fast?

By simulating the braking distances at various speeds and under variable weather conditions, the participant becomes fully aware of the dangers of an excessive speed and the necessity of adopting a defensive driving. Thanks to demonstrations of the force experienced by the body in the event of a collision at various speeds, the participants will be convinced of the necessity to wear a seatbelt.

"The 'Speed' workshop raises your awareness in an incredibly practical and interactive way. This training completely matches FedEx's philosophy in terms of safety'"

Patrick Stienlet, MD Operations Benelux, FedEx Express