Highway Code

Respect for the traffic rules is at first determined by our knowledge of these rules. Then, the participants need to have a clear understanding of the legitimacy of these rules. When the drivers understand the underlying reasons for the rules, they will therefore apply them more readily.

Everything there is to know about the Highway Code

How fast can I drive in a residential area? When do I have the right of way? Can I keep driving on the left lane in an urban area? When do I have to give the right of way to the tram? Can I park near a pedestrian crossing?

In an interactive way, through quiz-based questions and real-life situations, each and every one can update their knowledge and assess their shortcomings. Thus, the drivers eventually become fully aware of their responsibilities and mindful of the rules.

"Thanks to its vast experience and knowledge, the BRSI is the perfect partner for the prevention of work-related traffic accidents. Our colleagues particularly liked how interactive the training sessions were."

Dany Ilsbroux, Prevention Adviser M&S, Electrabel GDF Suez