Even with the use of a hands-free kit, the risk of an accident increases by 24%. In 7 to 8% of all cases, the mobile phone is even the very cause of the accident. Distraction and concentration lapses triggered by external factors are the established causes when a spinning occurs. Food for thought...

Alertness while driving

Driving is not a reflex action. How do we process information while we are driving and do we still have enough attention left to perform other tasks simultaneously? What are the effects of multitasking on our ability to drive? Are we sufficiently aware of the risks this can cause? How can we prevent those risks?

With the help of practical exercises and examples, the participant learns how to assess his ability to perform several tasks at the same time.

'"People sometimes take risks in the traffic with this idea: nothing has ever happened to me. They are unfortunately not conscious enough of the potential consequences of some of their actions. It is therefore good to remind them sometimes of the risks they are taking. BRSI's workshops are the perfect solution to this end."

Paul Mellaerts, MSO, bpost