Every year, cyclists make up 8 to 9% of road traffic casualties. Although cycling is good for your health, cyclists are highly vulnerable in traffic. For every kilometre covered, the cyclists are four times more likely to lose their lives in traffic than the occupants of a car.

The cyclist, a vulnerable road user

What equipment is mandatory on a bike? How can I make sure I am clearly visible in traffic? As a cyclist, do I have priority at a crossing on a cycle path? Do I have priority over vehicles on a roundabout?

These are some questions your colleagues may ask themselves when they straddle their bikes to go to work. Through this workshop, your colleagues will get to know the traffic regulations that apply to cyclists like the back of their hands. Moreover, they will be capable of avoiding the risks and preventing the dangers on their way from home to work.

“ Traffic rules, safety equipment, specific road signs, etc. The bicycle workshop is interesting for both the cycling enthusiasts and the beginners. It efficiently reminds them of the bicycle road rules in a city."

Olivier Hobin, Administrative assistant, Federal public service of Justice