BOB - Driving under the influence of alcohol

Alcohol plays a prominent part in road traffic accidents as this substance impairs the drivers' cognitive and motor skills. Belgium is not a model pupil when it comes to alcohol-impaired driving - it has poorer results in that matter than most European countries. The DRUID study (DRiving Under the Influence of Drugs – 2011) reveals that 38.2% of the Belgian drivers who were seriously injured were tested positive with an alcohol level of more than 0.5 per mil. An alcohol concentration of 0.5 per mil multiplies the risk of a fatal accident by 2.5.

What is taken into account?

During the workshop, the participants become fully aware of the risks related to driving under the influence of alcohol. The legal sanctions applying to alcohol-impaired driving and the consequences of a road traffic accident while you were driving under the influence of alcohol are commented upon. We will also talk about the minimum alcohol level for professional drivers and the more severe sanctions for multiple offenders. How much alcohol is contained in a glass of wine or beer, how much alcohol can you drink to remain under the legal limit and does eating influence the alcohol blood level? Did you know that the colour red (traffic lights and brake lights) is less bright for a person under the influence of alcohol?


  • You know the main effects of alcohol consumption on your driving skills
  • You know how much alcohol you are allowed to drink before driving
  • You know the legal sanctions related to alcohol-impaired driving.