ISO 39001

Road safety management

The BRSI, first organisation in Belgium to receive the ISO 39001 certification.

The members of your staff are on the road daily, either as part of their duty or just to get to work. Therefore, road safety management is essential, especially for the companies owning a large vehicle fleet or in which employees travel regularly.

The ISO 39001 standard provides the basic requirements to help companies and organisations implement a road safety management system. 

What are the advantages of the ISO 39001 standard?

  • Promote your corporate social responsibility and show your interest in corporate security.
  • Improve your staff's well-being thanks to a better management
  • Reduce the costs directly or indirectly related to accidents
  • Being recognised as one of the first companies to implement ISO 39001
  • We can assist you in the process of implementing the ISO 39001 standard, either through workshops or guidance meetings.