The businesses and organisations which subscribe to the goals of the Belgian Road Safety Institute can take part to the BRSI partnership programme. In doing so, they support the BRSI into the achievement of its goals and can benefit from its knowledge and service offer.

More and more businesses and organisations understand the need for a safe living and working environment in traffic. Road users’ safety as well as the costs resulting from an accident are essential elements that demand particular attention from the business world.

Thanks to the partnership programme, the BRSI and its partners wish to achieve a win-win situation concerning road safety and its related topics, as much for the members of the programme as for the BRSI and society at large.

Members of the programme can benefit from the BRSI's expertise, services and contact network:

  • yearly review of relevant studies
  • overview and debate about the latest studies during lunch / breakfast sessions
  • mention of the BRSI's partners in our company's public relations programme
  • research studies and tailor-made training courses
  • 10% discount on all studies and training courses performed by the BRSI
  • the BRSI as a public relations partner for businesses and organisations.

For further information, please contact the Belgian Road Safety Institute:

Tel: 02 244 15 11